It’s all baloney, really. Delicious things can indeed come out of failed ventures. In this case, sausages so plump that they can barely contain themselves in their casings, silvers of salami studded with garlic and pepper that are a riot of taste and texture and legs of dry cured smoked ham that are capable of holding centre stage at Christmas dinners. When the cows, pigs, chicken and turkey on his Mysore farm did not sell, Fernandes spotted an opportunity to turn them into steaks, sausages, meat loaves and smoked turkey instead. His gamble paid off and since then, Bamburies has been synonymous with cured, processed and quality fresh meats in Bengaluru.It was the utopian dream of living in the suburbs on a farm replete with live stock and fresh produce that prompted.JB Fernandes and his son Fernandes had a modest plan: to live on a farm and raise quality livestock for sale.
However, this plan seemed riddled with problems, the primary one being an organized stream of demand. “At the time,there were no buyers for what we were selling. So, in order to ensure a better market for our produce, we got into the food processing industry. In 1973, the Bamburies store in Richmond Town was started with a focus on retailing cuts of meat from the animals raised on the farm. Soon enough, they started experimenting with making sausages. Once people got a taste of Fernandes efforts, it didn’t take long for Bamburies to become the Bengaluru institution that it is today. What started out as an outlet for selling fresh meat,soon turned into a one-stop-shop for homemade sausages, hams, salamis and smoked meats. In the initial years, Bamburies’ clients were mainly home cooks but with increasing consciousness about reducing food miles, Fernandes found a new market in restaurant chefs. Today, Fernandes even has customers who take back strings of his signature roasted beef sausages to other cities such as Delhi and Mumbai.Looking at Bamburies’ freezers filled with meat, it’s hard to believe that Fernandes has no formal training in the field. “We learned the business by trial & error. Our friends gave us old British books from the 1950s from which we learnt everything and then began experimenting,” he says. At a time when processed meat was virtually
The Bamburies range of products includes a wide variety of sausages such as smoked pork sausages and beef sausages; cold cuts such as chorizo and parma ham processed meats such as smoked chicken and roast beef and raw seafood.
Fernandes smokes his own meat in the small, woodfired smoking room at the family farm in the outskirts of Bengaluru